There's demand out there from indie authors like you with limited budgets who need a skilled editor to check through their work before it's published, to pick up the typos and silly mistakes that always manage to creep in, and to spot any inconsistencies or other little faults. It's for that reason that the editing.zone has come into being.

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Cover design

You only have a few seconds to make a good impression when someone is browsing for eBooks on Amazon or Smashwords.

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Ebook and print book formatting

Although it is quite simple to do a basic conversion of your manuscript you need to ensure that you have met each of the Publishing Guidelines.

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Author platform website

It’s all about author platform these days for indie authors. You have to have a presence in cyberspace. Social media are good, but the best basis for launching yourself is a website.

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Editing can be very expensive. A lot of editors are too used to working for large publishing houses that have large budgets to cover their fees. Indie authors don’t, full stop. That’s where eBook-ed.it come in. If your budget is very limited, then I'll provide just the basic but crucial copy-editing services. Copy-editing is the work an editor does to improve the style, layout and accuracy of a text. It doesn’t necessarily involve substantially changing a text, but a good copy-editor is on the lookout for continuity slip-ups (blonde heroines turning into redheads, for example, without resorting to hair dye) and factual errors.

If your editing allowance is more generous, then, if necessary, but only if necessary, I can give more detailed help in the form of a full critique. For example, I can point out weaknesses in the plot or book’s structure or tailor it more tightly to a particular market. However, it's not my intention to rewrite your book. Too many editors try to do that, in my opinion, and want to charge a fortune for doing so. Each author has his or her own voice and editing is about making that voice as clear as possible by getting rid of any distracting errors.

Copy-edit only packages guideline prices

€5 per thousand words

Editing extras

Detailed critique - €1.5 per thousand words


You need an eye-catching, classy cover to do that. We offer the services of Caitlin Dagg, up and coming graphic designer. You can see samples of their work here. Alternatively, you can provide a photo or image and we can add type to it.

Cover prices start at €50.


By having the same team do the editing and conversion you can have confidence that new errors are not being introduced.

We keep current with the publishing guidelines so you don't have to

We have formatted projects for Kindle, Create Space, SmashWords, Lulu and Ingram Spark.

Formatting prices start at €50


We can help you build and maintain one if you need us to. Chris has many years of SEO experience and has created numerous excellent websites, including this one!

Chris will advise you on the best Content Management system to use, many people opt for WordPress but in many ways it is like using a JCB to dig your garden, it can be done but it is better to use the correct tool for the job. Additionally since WordPress is such a popular tool it has become the number one target for hackers and if you don't harden and maintain your site you may find it selling things that you would rather not be associated with

If you need a powerful multi author blogging platform then WordPress it is and we will maintain it as part of our hosting service.

Otherwise we recommend the more versatile Content Management Framework of Modx

For smaller sites we recommend the blisteringly fast Middleman static generator

All our sites are built to be fast and mobile friendly, a key criteria for Google search rankings

Our Design, maintainance and hosting package starts at €200