• Book Reviews

    You might think I’m making a pact with the devil by offering a paid book review service, since this has always been a controversial issue. However, authors need reviews, no question, but it can be very, very difficult to get them. You can dole out a hundred free copies of your book, which is a lot of lost revenue, but only receive one or two reviews in return. And even then, they may not provide you with quotes you can use in your marketing. Virtual book tours frequently yield the same sort of results. So, by paying for a concise review that will focus on the positive, although not ignore the negative, you are guaranteed to get material that will help with your promotion. I will send a separate short report if necessary to bring to your attention any room for improvement.


  • Why get help?

    I’ve reviewed many, many hundreds of books over the years, for my own book-related website booksarecool.com, and in the past for Reader’s Favorite. Using my experience as a publishing industry professional, I’ll put together a balanced 300-word review that takes account of the fiction/non-fiction content as well as your writing ability.

    Still not convinced? Think of it this way. Essentially a book review is an advert for your book. Major publishers have entire sales departments and large budgets devoted to advertising their wares. It’s therefore quite acceptable for indie authors to follow their lead and do some paid promotion too — but much more cheaply.

  • Act now

    My review service starts at just €40. I will read and review your book, and post the review on Amazon, Goodreads and Booklikes as a minimum, and also on booksarecool.com.

    I offer additional services, such as an interview or competition to go up along with the review, and Twitter promotion campaigns. So don’t hesitate to contact me to find out more.