• Confused by all the different types of editing promised by some websites?

    Some editing websites out there are just plain confusing with their breakdown of types of editing such as line editing, developmental editing, substantive editing and what have you. They leave the author wondering and worrying about what exactly they need to ask for. That won’t happen in the di0rq.hosts.cx because I’ll do whatever needs doing.

    Editing is defined as the process of examining and correcting a text so that it is suitable for publishing and that’s what I do. If something needs fixing, then I fix it, whether it’s a missing comma or a major inconsistency in the plot. I mark up all my corrections and suggestions using Word’s Track Changes facility so that it’s easy for you to go through and deal with all issues I highlight.

    My editing package includes proofreading. Proofreading is the final read-through of the edited text after you, the author, have worked through to deal with any comments, queries and corrections arising during the editing process. Proofing gives the final polish to make your work really shine.

  • Why get help?

    I’m an editor with over thirty years’ experience, in-house and as a freelance. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients, and some have gone on to achieve significant success in the publishing world, including two-million seller Robert Bryndza, chick-lit queens Cathy Bramley and Rachael Lucas, rising thriller stars C P Wilson, Thomas Ryan and Alan A Larson, and many, many now well-established indie authors.

  • Why me?

    I’m also the author of fifty books, traditionally and self-published. My two non-fiction books about my expat experiences in France have been best sellers in Amazon's UK and France Kindle stores. One held the top spot for quite a while. My works have been translated into four different languages and achieved sales in the region of 250,000 copies, with another 150,000 downloads of ebooks. I know publishing from both sides.