• Critique

    The time for a critique is when you’ve finished the first draft of your book but aren’t sure if it’s as good as it can be. Has it got a little lost along the way? Does it work? This is where a pair of trained and knowledgeable eyes comes in handy. With awareness of current publishing trends and many years’ experience as an editor and author of what makes for good structure, style and content, I can offer advice and suggest areas where improvements can be made.

    I don’t write a sweeping report that might leave you uncertain as to how to proceed from there. My approach is to go through your MS and mark up where and what work needs doing. I will bring to your notice any aspects that strike me as requiring attention. I take into consideration plot, characterisation, structure, consistency, persuasiveness and marketability, amongst other issues.

  • Why get help?

    A critique will help make your book as good as it can be before you start the final polish of editing and proofreading.

  • Act now

    Please don’t hesitate to contact me to find out more.