What's In A Name?

The importance of a unique title for your book

Bestselling Books in France in 2014

A look at the top 10 bestselling books in France 2014.

Ebooks Cheaper from Smashwords

Increasingly frustrated at the elevated prices on Amazon.com for Kindle books due to the sales tax they add for whatever reason to books going abroad, I’ve now started buying more from Smashwords. I’ve downloaded the Kindle app for PC onto my computer so I can read books in Kindle format on it. It’s not as good a reading experience as on the Kindle, but since I can get 99 cent books for

Proofreading with a Kindle

I’ve saved a lot of paper since I got my Kindle. Not just in physical books that I haven’t bought, but in all the pages of MSs I haven’t printed out to proofread. I find it hard to proofread totally accurately off a computer screen. More errors tend to slip through. This is mainly because you’re so familiar with your own writing that your brain cuts in and says ‘yeah, yeah, that bit’s OK’, and stops…

How To Make Your Book Discoverable

A look at the channels through which readers discover books and ebooks by indie authors

ebooks Are My Bag

The Books Are My Bag campaign in the UK is about to start. What do you carry your ebook reader around in?

Going a Bundle on Books

Is bundling the magic weapon to fight against declining print sales

Are You A Twitter Twit?

I use Twitter every day and am finding it to be a useful marketing tool. However, I’m not addicted to it and still find that my blog is the best way to reach out to an audience. But, even at my fairly low level or usage - I have around 500 followers and followees altogether for my various Twitter accounts so nothing too unwieldy – it can soon get out of control.

Tweetdeck and Hootsuite are…