It’s the book that everyone’s talking about – the first book published using the CreateSpace platform to make it into the Top 50 UK Bestsellers list. And at no. 2!

The book is The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep by Swedish author Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin. It’s 28 pages long, not particularly cheap and it has an uninspiring cover! I would never let any of the authors I work with put out a book with a cover like that! The title is too small and it’s inconsistently capitalised, the author’s name is practically invisible and the picture is sweet but rather wishy-washy. But that hasn't stopped it doing amazingly well.

The English language version first appeared in April 2014 in the US so why the sudden rise to fame? There was an article about it in the UK Daily Mail in August in which the author claimed that his book would help parents get their kids to sleep. What parent of toddlers wouldn’t be interested in that! This article led to others and the book engendered loads of great publicity. Parents began Tweeting about the book and mentioning it on other social media sties. Sales skyrocketed from a handful a week to thousands per week!

Forssen Ehrlin has now signed with the Salomonsson Agency, a powerful Swedish literary agency that represents Jo Nesbø. Rumour has it that they’ve sold Random House the English rights to the book, plus two sequels, for seven figures!!!

So, self-pub books can hit the big time.

Do visit Forssen Ehrlin’s website at He looks so normal and seems so nice that, as well as being pleased for his success, it really gives you hope that the same could happen to you too!  

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