A quick look at the UK's Top 50 w/e 22.8.2015

So, the unstoppable James Patterson is back on top with 14th Deadly Sin, knocking Lesley Pearce’s Without A Trace off the top spot. She’s fallen into 3rd as Patterson’s runner-up is, for the first time ever in the Top 50, a book produced on CreateSpace. It’s The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep by Swedish author C J Forssen Ehrlin. I will have to find out about this book which seems to have come from nowhere and has the sort of cover that makes you cringe. But despite that, it’s done phenomenally well.

Colouring-in books continue to do well with 5 in the Top 50 this week.

I always like to go over titles quite carefully to spot any trends. There is definitely a move towards longer titles – 4+ words, although the mode is 2 words. A few months back short and snappy reined with most titles 3 words or fewer.  The breakdown is:

  • 1 words: 6
  • 2 words: 13
  • 3 words: 10
  • 4 words: 10
  • 5+ words: 11

A couple more interesting facts:

  • 15 titles start with The
  • 10 mention females, and 1 a male

RRPs vary from £2.50 for The Official Highway Code to £20 (The Taming of the Queen, and Great British Bake-Off: Celebrations. 31 books have a selling price of £7.99. It’s likely many of the titles will be discounted so their actual selling prices will be a good bit lower.

Emma is the most common author name this week, with Ms Healy, Ms Hannigan and Ms Farrarons at positions 45, 39 and 38 respectively.

The most common initial for a first name is J (11), and there are more surnames beginning with M than any other letter (7). Make of that what you will!

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