The Editing Zone

Meet the team

Hi, I'm Stephanie and I'm team leader and editor. I've been working in the publishing industry more or less continuously since 1986. Armed with an English degree from Oxford Univeristy and an MPhil in Publishing Studies from Stirling, I began my career as a desk editor with Hodder and Stoughton. I then spent some time in sales, and made a brief foray into accountancy, before establishing myself as a freelance editor and indexer in 1992. And that's what I've been doing since then.

I'm also an author of 40+ children's books. I have been published by MacMillan and by Mentor Press and O'Brien Press in Ireland. I have self-published a dozen or so books on Kindle and Smashwords, and am about to add a whole lot more. My current writing projects are a cozy mystery, a non-fiction account of living with dyspraxia in the family and a couple of young adult books. I keep in touch with everything that's going on in the publishing scene in the UK, the US and France through subscriptions to trade magazines and visits to bookfairs. 

So - I know about editing, self-publishing and mainstream publishing. Very, very well!

Our cover designer is Caitlin, an undergraduate, who's a genius with computer graphics. She reads several books a week and knows exactly what's going on in the world of literature. She has plans to work in the publishing industry full-time once she's graduated. She has a good eye for catchy, modern designs. Check out samples of their work on our home page and on the portfolio page.

Chris handles file conversions and ebook formatting, and also formatting for print copies via CreateSpace, Lulu and IngramSparks. He also provides website design, development and Search Engine Optimisation. It's imperative to have a website as part of your author platform. He works to the latest standards: HTML5 and CS3 and builds using Content Mangement Frameworks or Static Generators. It is no good just putting up a static site nowadays, you need a dynamic site where you can add and change content. isn't here to take advantage of self-publishing authors, but to assist and facilitate their success in an increasingly crowded marketplace.